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Classes Offered

Not only will your child learn the fundamental skills of a variety of different dance styles, they’ll grow self-esteem, confidence, individuality, and social skills too! Find a class, pick a style, and get ready to see your child shine like never before at Steppin’ Out Dance Company! No matter how old your child gets, there is […]

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Current Schedule

Thank you for your interest in Steppin’ Out Dance Company. For your convenience, we offer online registration and secure payment. Payment must be made or the registration is not considered complete. Choose your class(es) from the schedule below. Contact us with any questions regarding student registration. 

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See the Schedule for class days/times and pricing. Complete this form and select Submit. After pressing Submit you will be taken to the payment options page. Select the option that you are registering for. Your regsitration is not complete and your place in class is not held until we receive the form AND the payment. Registration fees […]

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Special Offer

We offer many dance styles at Steppin’ Out and want to help you decide which is the best for YOUR dancer. Come try UP TO three DIFFERENT classes for FREE by claiming your Free Class Pass below. This pass is valid for ONE WEEK from date of first use. This pass IS NOT valid for summer camps/intensives. See […]

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