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2017-2018 Dance Class Schedule:

age/level:day of the week:time:class length:
Toddler (Age 2)Monday4:45pm - 5:30pm45 minutes
Preschool (Ages 3-5)Thursday5:15pm - 6:15pm1 hour
K-1st Grade Ballet/Tap Combo ClassTuesday 4:45pm – 5:45pm1 hour
2nd-3rd Grade Ballet/Tap Combo ClassTuesday4:45pm - 5:45pm1 hour
4th-5th Grade Level I Ballet/Tap/Jazz Combo ClassMonday5:45pm - 7:15pm1 hour, 30 minutes
6th-7th Grade Level II Ballet/Tap/Jazz Combo ClassTuesday6:45pm - 8:15pm1 hour, 30 minutes
8th-9th Grade Level III Ballet/Tap/Jazz Combo ClassThursday6:30pm - 8:45pm2 hours, 15 minutes
10th Grade & Up Level IV Ballet/Tap/Jazz Combo ClassTuesday6:30pm - 8:45pm2 hours, 15 minutes
Junior Hip Hop/Jazz (K-7th Grade)Monday4:50pm - 5:35pm45 minutes
Junior Hip Hop/Jazz (K-7th Grade)Tuesday5:50pm - 6:35pm45 minutes
Junior Gymnastics (K-5th Grade)Wednesday5:15pm - 6:00pm45 minutes
Senior Gymnastics (6th Grade & Up)Wednesday6:15pm - 7:00pm45 minutes
Adult Tap/Jazz Combo ClassWednesday7:15pm - 8:15pm1 hour
*Pointe (Level III)Thursday6:00pm - 6:30pm30 minutes
*Pointe (Level IV)Tuesday6:00pm - 6:30pm30 minutes
*Modern/Lyrical (8th Grade & Up)Monday6:45pm - 7:30pm45 minutes
*Senior Company (Level III & IV)Monday7:30pm - 9:00pm2 hours
*Junior Company (Level I & II)Thursday6:30pm - 7:45pm1 hour, 15 minutes
*Mini Company (K-3rd Grade)Monday5:40pm - 6:40pm1 hour

*These are “optional” classes that require the following:

  • Modern/Lyrical, Pointe and Senior Company requires enrollment in a Level III or Level IV class.
  • Junior Company requires enrollment in a Level I or Level II class.
  • Mini Company requires enrollment in a K-1st Grade or 2nd-3rd Grade combo class.

Privates: Available for Level I, Level II, Level III and Level IV students. $25 per half hour, or pre-purchase five private lessons for $100.

Please Note: All dance classes are subject to change and could be cancelled due to low enrollment.

2017-2018 Dance Class Tuition:

class length:tuition per quarter:class length:tuition per quarter:
45 minutes/week$153.133.5 hours/week$256.25
1 hour/week$162.503.75 hours/week$265.63
1.25 hours/week$171.884 hours/week$275.00
1.5 hours/week$181.254.25 hours/week$284.28
1.75 hours/week$190.134.5 hours/week$293.75
2 hours/week$200.004.75 hours/week$303.13
2.25 hours/week$209.385 hours/week$312.50
2.5 hours/week$218.755.25 hours/weel$321.88
2.75 hours/week$228.135.5 hours/week$331.25
3 hours/week$237.505.75 hours/week$340.63
3.25 hours/week$246.886 hours/week$350.00
  • Tuition for dance classes is calculated per dance year (Aug-May, 38 lessons) and conveniently billed per quarter, 4 times during the dance year (every 9 weeks). We also offer the option to pay by semester or year to receive a discounted rate (5% for semester, 10% for year).
  • Prices listed above are for total class hours per week for one dancer. If your child takes multiple classes, add up the hours for all of their classes.
  • If you have more than one family member enrolled, each additional family member receives a 75% discount on classes.
  • Quarterly tuition is due on Aug 14, Oct 16, Jan 2 & Mar 5.
  • No student will be allowed in class until tuition is paid in full.

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